Contract specialist

Contract specialist


This position provides services to assigned business area(s) for contractual matters relating to the formation and administration of agreements required to support the legal company's position in all its contracts.


•Contract specialist is in charge of the contracts into which a company enters. his duties may include negotiating and closing deals, and evaluating a contract's performance. He also may extend and renegotiate contracts.

•This job includes accurately interpreting the terms of a contract and verifying the credentials of the company with which the contract is made once the terms are clear and the validity of the company has been established, the specialist makes sure the contract terms comply with company's policies, as well as local and regional guidelines. After these points are substantiated, he may begin negotiations

•Either alone or with clients or appropriate personnel, the specialist goes through the contract line by line. he takes notes regarding questions and concerns he may have with the terms or language. At the conclusion of review, he and the contractor clarify these points and proceed to negotiations.

•At this point, the contract specialist introduces amendments to language or terms he feels are in the best interest of her company. This interchange continues until amicable terms are agreed on by both parties or an impasse is reached and the contract goes unsigned.

•Draws up contracts for his company. If similar contracts are already in place for comparable goods or services, he may use them as templates for new ones, but if the new contract has unique terms and conditions, he often starts from scratch and drafts a fresh document. Once written, the contract specialist generally reviews the new document with an associate who is knowledgeable about the service or product being contracted before finalizing it for presentation and signing.

•If a breach of contract occurs, the contract specialist is normally the person who mediates with the contractor to resolve the complaint or claim. If the contract terms are changed, the specialist typically informs all involved parties, verbally and in writing. In the event the agreement needs to be broken, she may initiate the appropriate legal proceedings and follow them through to completion.

•Ensure the times of the Contracts commitment to and compliance with safety, quality and health, and anti-corruption regimes is reflected in Contracts

•Develop and analyze Contract documentation (interpretation of Contract scope and terms & conditions) and provide advice and seek counsel on contractual, commercial, taxation, insurance and legal issues

•Coordinate Contracts development, compilations, sourcing, pre-tenders, invitations to tender, evaluations of proposals received including requests for qualifications.

•Maintain time and payment schedules and milestones per pricing mechanism, and advise re-payment terms

•Ensure commercial and contractual correspondence with Contractors is efficiently handled


The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

•Extensive knowledge in the field of contract negotiations

•Extensive knowledge of contract laws Thorough knowledge of business law, corporation finance, banking, and economics.

•Thorough knowledge of procedures required to avoid subjecting the company to lawsuits for damages.

•Experience in contract formulation activities, systems and processes

•Law or Business Administration graduate

•Experience in the field of manufacturing not less than 3 years.

•Fluent in writing and spoken contractual English

•Approved certifications preferably.

•Formal training ib contracts law preferably

Job Details

Date Posted: 2013-10-26
Job Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Job Role: Law/Legal
Company Industry: Manufacturing and Production

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Nationality: Egypt
Degree: Bachelor's degree / higher diploma

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October 26, 2013 at 02:35PM