Edfa3ly jobs : Accountant Job Vacancy

Edfa3ly jobs : Accountant Job Vacancy

edfa3ly jobs

Edfa3ly jobs
Accountant Job Vacancy

Job Description 

• Receives funds from customers and employees, disburses funds, and records monetary transactions.
• Receives cash or checks or completes credit-card charge transactions.
• Counts money to verify amounts and issues receipts for funds received.
• Issues change and cashes checks.
• Issues invoices for the customers
• Compares totals on cash register with amount of currency in register to verify balances.
• Endorses checks and lists and totals cash and checks for bank deposit.
• Withdraws cash from bank accounts.
• Disburses cash and writes vouchers and checks in payment of company expenditures.
• Posts data and balances accounts.
• Compiles collection, disbursement, and bank-reconciliation reports.
• May prepare payroll and paychecks.

Please send you resume to jobs@edfa3ly.com.eg mentioning the job title in the subject field.